We Build Stories 

Our process is one of research, unfettered creative thinking and collaboration. Using a deep understanding of a fluid marketplace, we help brands discover their unique narrative to connect to today’s culture building ROI and effective brand growth. 



ON & OFF the Shelf

At Miller | Reaves we put all our energy and creativity into getting your product ON and OFF the shelf. Our process requires listening, competitive analysis and deeply understanding your products’ consumer benefits. 


ON the shelf

We create brand stories and packaging that clearly communicates to the Retail Buyer why your product belongs in their inventory.


Off the shelf

Once your product is on the shelf or online, our work is strategically designed to create a positive visual impact leading to a path of purchase.


We leverage tested design competency for our clients to exceed business objectives, excite and engage customers and cultivate iconic brands.


  • Brand Naming

  • Brand Concepting

  • Visual Identity Systems

  • Brand Story Development

  • Voice & Messaging

  • Brand Applications

  • Branded Gear​

  • Label Design

  • Package Design

  • Structure Design

  • Custom Glass

  • Case Design

  • Shippers

  • Branded Collateral​


hire us

Miller | Reaves is located in the Midwest with offices in Chicago and Cincinnati, but outreach goes as far as the internet. We are currently interviewing prospective clients. Our design communications are always based on listening, imagination and on providing a maximum return on investment.


Gregg Miller is always excited to talk about prospective projects, package design trends and fishing.


Give him a call to a set up a free 45 minute brand review.



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